Taking Time to Relax in College

College is a stressful enough time on its own. When you add work, trying to have a social life, attempting to get in shape and still having time for your family into the equation, it can get even more hectic. Being that I am a sophomore in college and about to enter into much of my major coursework, I have definitely learned that it’s important to take time to relax from all this stress.

Whether you want to spend money to have some much-deserved me-time or save your funds, there are plenty of ways to ease your mind and let it rest between all of the craziness of college! Below are some of my favorites and some recommendations I got from friends as well:

Taking a Mental Health day

Taking a mental health day can be as cost-free or expensive as your heart desires, and it’s all at your own will. You can stay in bed all day, go on adventures with friends, or even go on a shopping spree. The most important part is that you’re getting a break from the routine and showing your brain that life doesn’t have to be all business all the time. Just be careful not to get carried away with these in terms of classes, you never know when you’ll actually get sick and need to miss!

Taking a bubble bath

Again, this is another option that is entirely up to you in terms of budget and how much time you spend on it! Whether you’ve got Lush products or just some bubble bath from a 99-cent store, having a nice warm bath can do tons for your mental health. You can watch Netflix while you’re soaking or listen to your favorite songs. Whatever you do, just make sure it’s not anything school or work oriented. Give yourself a break!

$5 Tuesdays at Carmike 6 Nacogdoches

This is a great thing that Nacogdoches has to offer! If you’ve got some free time on a Tuesday (or even if you need to skip class one time to take advantage of this), grab some friends or just treat yourself and see a movie for just $5. Check out an animated film or a comedy to get your mind off of things, or be bold and see a serious film or horror movie to get your mind in gear. Whatever you see, just enjoy the couple hours away from daily life and have fun!

Having a night in with friends

Grab some food, cheap wine, a board game and some redbox movies and invite over some of your friends for this route! Having a night to laugh, rant and relax with your best friends can do so much for your overall happiness. You’ll feel close to people and hopefully be far away from school or work in terms of your thoughts.

Taking a walk through SFA’s Arboretum

SFA has tons of great things to offer you in terms of relaxation, the Arboretum being a big one. On a nice day (or a rainy one if you’re into that), try going for a relaxing walk through there. Put on a nice playlist or call a loved one while you walk and just let your mind be at ease and one with nature!

Enjoying a day at the pool

SFA has a great pool at the Rec Center, and it’s open just about any day there’s sun! If you’re looking for something to do to relax on a sunny day, look no further than this. Soaking in some sun rays and getting some time in the water can be great for relaxing, plus there’s a hot tub that seats over ten people. And if you’re worried your pool body isn’t ready yet, don’t. All bodies are pool bodies!

These are just some of the many ways myself and my friends relax while coping with the stress of college life. Whatever you need to do, always remember to find time to give your mind a break and just relax!