Take Care of Business and You

It is that time of the semester - we’re all walking around campus like zombies, crying twice a day, and are all in dire need of a nap. Maybe those things are just me, but with all the chaos of school, work, meetings, socials, and more we forget the most important thing: ourselves! It’s so easy to forget about important, yet necessary things when we are busy. Self-care is vital, and when I say self-care I’m not only referring to face masks and pedicures. No, self-care is as simple as eating when you’re hungry, or even making time to eat. Also, no matter how busy you are, fit that nap into your day. The mind is not productive off of no food and certainly no sleep.

Your well-being is definitely first priority, but a pretty close second is taking care of business. Being a full-time college student with a job and involvement in organizations is a TASK, but it is doable. When I get overwhelmed with schoolwork I instantly shut down and my work is typically not as well structured as I had planned. However, my sister gave me some great advice and told me to look at pieces and not the whole picture. Write a list of everything that needs done with the due date next to it, start with what is due the soonest and finish it. Then start the next assignment and finish it. I used to tend to attack the whole mess of homework at once, this was not effective. Completing pieces to finish the whole is sure to relieve some stress.

Finding that balance between work, play, and self-care is a struggle we all deal with. Finding something that works for you to keep you productive, yet sane is the ultimate goal. And yes, we are all still going to have our rough days, but that is simply getting to know ourselves better. Take care of business and take care of you.