The Story of Her Campus at SFA

When I first started writing for Her Campus at SFA, It was a small group of people led by another Andrea- Andréa Tinoco. Her Campus had been at SFA before, but died out due to lack of interest- she brought it back. After our most recent campus correspondent Natalie moved on from HC SFA and several of our seniors graduated, we were struggling to find people to be a part of our team. Our odds of surviving another semester didn’t look good.

                                                                                                      Our little team during my first semester as a writer

While I loved the laid-back vibe that came with a small group of writers, I didn’t want to see HC SFA die out again, so I messaged Natalie that I was interested in being a campus correspondent. To my surprise, I got it! 

All summer, my co-correspondent Delilah Gonzalez and I worked on doing everything we could to start recruiting writers and planning for the Fall semester.  Seriously, I’ve never posted that many fliers for anything! (And apparently they worked since we now have a team of 25+ people, but I did also email the advisor for The Pine Log to spread the word, which helped A LOT).

A big goal of our was (and still is) to become and official SFA organization. As of now, we are an independent organization. What this means is that because we are not official by SFA standards, we cannot attend involvement fairs, print T-shirts using the university’s name, or access all the resources that are available to registered organizations. Becoming an official SFA organization/club would allow us to do these things that would help make the future of HC SFA more certain.

The biggest obstacle we had to face was finding an advisor. Luckily, thanks to some suggestions by friends, I found Dr.Condis, who has helped us greatly in our journey to becoming a more distinguished organization. 

As we continue to try to keep this organization that we love so much alive, I look forward to seeing how we evolve. Even though I am set to graduate in December, I hope that Her Campus SFA can continue to be an opportunity for writers, mass communication students, and other creatives. Her Campus SFA has given me a platform to voice my opinions and to write for an audience of college women like me. All I want is for this same opportunity to be given to my fellow SFA students and for my crazy vision of what we could be to come true. Here’s to the start of a great semester!