The following poem is called a Cento. A Cento is a poetic form made up of lines from other poets. These lines are put together in a new order to create an entirely different poem.



she is sensitive to spotlights (1)

   and sensitive to judgments. (1)

sensitive to opinions of what (1)

   she does or doesn’t, but she (1)

is a star none the less. she is (2)

   a storm. a magnificent force (2)

writing her life’s story in (2)

   lightning. she’s an artist (3)

in the way she pieces (3)

   herself back together. she’s (4)

full of pain but filled with fight. (4)


(1) “30Fish”— Jhené Aiko

(2) “with lightning” — r.h. Sin

(3) “she’s an artist” — r.h. Sin

(4) “November 22nd" — r.h. Sin