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SFA’s Radio Station: The Axe (90.1 FM)

Photo by: Kendra Washington

On campus, when you turn on the radio in your car to your favorite Alternative rock station, there is always good music to listen to. But who are the radio hosts behind the station? Who is playing the music and telling us the news every once and a while? Well, there are people who work in the mass communication building, speaking to listeners throughout the Nacogdoches area. However, it seems that a good chunk of campus has no idea that the Alternative rock station (The Axe) they listen to everyday is actually hosted by SFA students!

 Considering I’ve known the radio station is hosted by SFA student for 2 years, it shocked me that not a lot of people knew. When I found out, I was astonished! To discover further details about why no one seemed to know about this, and just to learn more about the radio station itself, I turned to a good friend of mine, Dominque Hanes.

Photo by: Bri Bell

I sat down with Dominque and asked her a small series of question in the hopes she could clear this up for everyone. 

Question 1: Why do people not know about the radio station being hosted by SFA students?

Dominque: I think people don’t know about the radio station being hosted by students because those who don’t are either first year students, or those who just don’t know. Another reason might be because it is in the Mass Communication Building, and a lot of people don’t really know about what Mass Communication does. Heck, some don’t even know we have a TV Station. 

Question 2: How is working on the radio? 

Dominque: It’s fast pace. In the beginning [when she had just started working at The Axe] it was kind of scary, because people are listening, but that’s what makes it fun! On the radio, you get to create your own [radio] personality too, so that’s cool! 

Question 3: Do your listeners know you are all SFA students? 

Dominque: Funnily, a lot of people DO know, though mostly the older generation or those who have been listening for a while, and most don’t find out till someone messes up. [She laughs] 

Question 4: What’s your favorite part about being part of The Axe?    

Dominque: Wow…uhm…I think it’s really everything! I get to listen to and jam out to music I genuinely enjoy. And I get to interact with the audience, which is fun to do as well. I’m just doing something I enjoy, and I think that’s my favorite part. 

Talking to Dominque was eye-opening to say the least; I got to learn more about The Axe, and how fun is seemed to work on their radio station. I really appreciate her coming to speak with me about a topic she’s interested in. I hope this article encourages my readers to go and listen to the local Nacogdoches radio station, The Axe, and have a new appreciation for it. 

Bri Bell was a writer for SFASU Her Campus. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Art cica 2019! She is an artistic woman with a passion for FIlm/Cinematogrpahy, as well as writing. Bri Bell tends to write about things she is passionate about whether that be about music, literature, politics, or even random anime recommendations. She is fairly easy going about what she writes, and attempts to stray away from any topics that could have any/all triggers.
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