Positive Student Affirmations

Last year when I was .2 inches centimeters from dropping out of college, I wrote an article that consisted of sentences that inspired me to keep trying. As we are at that point again this year, here is another one of those articles.

Photo by: Abby Burfine

  • “This is hard, but I am going to persevere.”
  • “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
  • “Don’t complain: just work harder.”
  • “Study because you can.”
  • “Stop calling it a dream, start calling it a plan.”
  • “I can, I have to – and I will.”
  • “Learn new things and become who you want to be.”
  • “I’ve got a dream that is worth more than my sleep.”

So, you have the sentences, now what do you do? An affirmation is a positive statement that can be used to relive stress, overcome self-sabotage, and combat negative thoughts. Positive mental repetitions can actually change the way our brains react and can effectively reprogram the way we think. The best way to use affirmations is to write it out and put it somewhere you can see it each day. You may want to write it on your mirror, set the affirmation as your phone background or put a sticky note of it in your car. One way that I found always helps me is to set the affirmation as the name of my morning alarm, so it is the first thing I see every day. Positive affirmations are most useful when you visualize the intent of the affirmation along with the repetition. When you can actively see the desired outcome with the affirmation it will help you truly connect with the sentence. 

Photo by: Abby Burfine

It’s important that regardless of if you use the affirmations or not, the motivation behind it is still pure. Use these phrases to help push you to study harder as we finish out this semester.