Poems for the Brokenhearted: A Book Recommendation

If you enjoy reading literature, specifically poetry, then this eloquently written collection of poems by Elvira Sastre is perfect for you. Sastre’s 2019 publication titled One Day I Will Save Myself: Poems in English and Spanish is about the conflicting and tiring journey of dealing with a broken heart. It’s about a young woman questioning love, life and her past relationship with her ex-significant other. Every word that fills the pages of this book contains an immense amount of passion and emotion. Sastre shares many of her personal feelings and contemplations, and she does so lyrically and romantically.

(Photo Credits: Taylor Thomas)

I personally discovered this book randomly one day this past summer while walking around my local Barnes & Noble. I saw the simple black and white cover art and was immediately intrigued. I also found the title to be a bit sad but still inviting. What truly caught my attention though, is the fact that the poems are in both English and Spanish. I have been trying to better educate myself in Spanish for some years now, and this summer I wanted to practice the language outside of taking a course during school. So, when I saw I had the opportunity to mix something I love to do, which is read poetry, and learn Spanish; I couldn’t pass this book up.

(Photo Credits: Taylor Thomas)

I recommend all the poetry and just book lovers in general, to read this beautiful collection of poems. Even if you aren’t someone who finds themselves reading often; I still recommend reading at least one or two poems from this collection. Not only are these poems relatable to all of those who have ever been brokenhearted, but some of these poems also offer advice and healing affirmations in order to mend any shattered heart. I also highly recommend reading this collection if you are trying to become more fluent in speaking Spanish.

She has also written several other books, both in English and Spanish, and you can purchase these books at places such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Many other great poets like R.H. Sin and Rupi Kaur have raved about the writings of Elvira Sastre and recommend everyone to read her works as well. I am very happy that I took the time to sit down and read this collection of poems, and I will continue to read more of her work in the near future.

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