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Looking at my life I realize how blessed I am that I have always had a loving family that supports me no matter what. I know that for some, they have not grown up with that same luxury. In the United States the month of November is recognized as national adoption month, so in honor of this I decided to do some research and better inform myself about the matter.

            National adoption month is one month out of the year set aside to raise awareness for all the children in need of loving homes. It is said that more than 400,000 children are in the foster care system and only a little more than 60,000 were adopted with public child welfare agency involvement according to the AFCARS report for 2018. Until I saw those numbers, I had never realized how many children are in need. Then I tried a little closer to home and found that in Texas there are around 30,000 children in the foster care system that are looking to be adopted. By sheer numbers alone I was moved not only to reconsider my views on the foster care system, but also for my own family one day.

            At the end of the day my hat goes off to all the foster parents that extend their loving homes to children that need one, and to all the strong kids that in the past or currently in the foster care system. I think adopting is wonderful and one of the most touching things someone can do for another person.


Hi I’m Abby I’m a Music major at SFA ?? I love makeup, movies, singing , reading , and writing Three things I can’t live without are my Friends, Family, and having Fun “ Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened “ -Dr. Seuss
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