for my mother

you are my best friend,

            but first you are my mother.

you held me close

            on that first day,

so that i could hear

            my home in your heartbeat.

throughout my growing pains,

you were my disciplinarian

            and my cuddle buddy.

every stumble,

            every fall,

you were there.

your words so

            encouraging and loving,

i lock them up inside me,

            and bury the key.

during the times when i cry

for nothing,

for something,

you are there.

you are my personal comedian.

            our car rides,

blasting music,

            singing our hearts out

bring me unexplainable joy.

           we become couch potatoes

with tired eyes

            binge watching tv shows.

and our late-night talks

outside on the porch

are truly the best.

            i couldn’t imagine life without you.

you are first my mother,

            then my best friend.