Midterm Madness: How to Prepare like a Boss

            Midterms. They usually hit about halfway through the semester, and they test us about our knowledge so far in the class we are taking. Sometimes it is hard to feel prepared for a class, and we all have that one class we dread studying for! Studying, personally, is all about how you spend your time. Time management is so important, and it can be better to efficiently study for two hours then study for eight hours in a style that does not suit you best. Here are some tips to kill your midterms coming up and try at least one and see if it makes any difference!

1. Make a Study Schedule

If you create a study schedule, you are much more likely to study in a more structured way. A schedule keeps you on top of things, and you can mix up your subjects to keep your focus. I am a person who needs study breaks, so making time for those is crucial to good studying.

            2. Go to Office Hours

Going to office hours has proved to be super beneficial to some of my classes. Talking to a professor about any questions, getting some test prep, or some clarity on the test formatting can help so much. It can be a little intimidating, but they have office hours for a reason.

Photo By: Megan Carswell

            3. Review those Notes!

The notes you take in class are so important. Having these are words from your professor, important key points, and most likely stemming from your test questions. Make flash cards, using colorful pens and highlighters, or use your computer. Whichever way is most beneficial to your studying, utilize these little changes on your notes.

            4. Make a Quizlet

Making a Quizlet is one of my favorite ways to study. You can access it anywhere, and some of the tools have proven time again that it is so beneficial. Try playing a game after creating a study set or use the “Learn” tab to reap some serious benefits!

Photo By: Megan Carswell

         5. Get some rest

Sleep is so vital for your mental and physical health during test weeks. People are so quick to cram and pull an all-nighter, which has proven to me and my classmates to make you more tired and your head cloudy on test day. Study the evening and a week in advance and get your eight hours on the night before your exam. Your mind and body will thank you!

         Happy Studying, and good luck on your exams!