Love YOU: A Guide to Self- Love

Change of scenery

A common truth that is hard to swallow is that our deepest insecurities start from the home. Sometimes what we lack as a child is still present in adulthood, and that can very well be detrimental to the self-esteem. It’s difficult to stray away from immediate family members, but as college students living away from home, we replace that family time by hanging out with our friends. However, if being around them is no better than lack of support from home then it’s time for a new circle. We need to surround ourselves with good friends that want to see us win and cheer us on when we reach accomplishments, not tear us down because of envy or pettiness. If your friends are the type to find a downside or flaw to all the good things you do, then you might be influenced to think the same way and start to feel bad about yourself for absolutely nothing. You can love yourself without anyone else having to of course, but people like these will set you back from recognizing your own worth, if you're struggling with this currently.

Emphasize small attributes

What are some positive things that make you different from everyone else? Jot down a list of the small things that are great about yourself, and smile back at it. Do you have a high pain tolerance? You would be surprised at how rare that is! Can you roll your “R"s? Can you tell when someone is lying? That is one of the most useful skills to have in this world, so congratulations! It’s the little things like these that can make you admire yourself, even the most conceited of us all do this trick because it’s what makes you who YOU are. Comparison is the thief of joy, and the mistake people often make is comparing the big achievements when we should be looking at the smaller ones.

Daily Affirmations

Looking in the mirror and repeating words of affirmation to yourself seems to be a very popular tactic in this generation. But what can you say? Here are some ideas to get you started: “I am beautiful, smart, and strong.” “I am getting in better shape each day, and it shows", “I am a better person than I was a year ago" etc. Repeating these at least three times a day can really lift those spirits up in a quick way. Do this for a month consistently, and see how your self-esteem has changed. And you know that one song that makes you feel like a bad bitch? Or king of the world? Play that song once a day too while you do this, and make it a routine!


Dress up…. or Down! – Nothing can boost a lady's confidence more than looking our best for that one day, but why not make it every day? Yes, it’s a lot of time and energy to slap on some makeup, do something elaborate with our hair and put on a bomb outfit, but if that’s what makes you see yourself in a better light, then imagine if you saw yourself like that more often. However, maybe you're the type of girl that always dresses like that anyway, and now you don’t feel like you can pull off a no-makeup look. Oh, please! I’m positive all women look just as phenomenal without the bells and the whistles, and all it requires is a fresh face, clear eyes and smooth lips. Once you do that, you will be able to see how beautiful you still are while being as comfortable as you can be- all in your own skin! So, whether your style is dressy or comfortable, do it often in the best way and watch as your self-admiration grows.