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Photo by Christy Murray

I’ve wished on all the stars that I could see

And even the ones that were hiding from me

I wanted to know who you are

And I counted on every one of those stars 

To lie to me, make me happy

But none of my dreams came true

But I must know

Can I make one more wish?

To have one more kiss

Live one more night in bliss

Before I let you go

And people will ask, but I’m not upset

I’m happy to have something I’ll never forget 

Memories of laughing and the way you rubbed the back of my hand 

I do wish it could have worked, not what I would’ve planned.

I won’t delete any pictures, and I’ll keep all of the videos

And I won’t avoid you 

But I must know

Can we walk by the creek?

Can we dance in public like freaks?

One more time, I promise I won’t be weak

Before I let you go

Hi, my name is Alayna I love writing short stories and poetry. My favorite color is pink and I truly believe we should break out into song whenever we feel like a musical.
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