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How To Let Your Brain Have Fun While You Do Nothing

College is where students face their first taste of “real life” challenges. It is very common to be stressed out. Moreover, weekends aren’t as fun as they used to be because there is always that ONE professor who assigns a paper and it consumes every bit of relaxing time. It sucks.

However, look forward to the occasions where you get all of your work done and you’ve crammed your brain with notes. It is important to relax and rejuvenate your body. Thus, instead of wrapping up in a blanket and binge watch “Grey’s Anatomy” all day; find a new location to relax.

For example, if you have a two-hour break between classes, spend your time relaxing instead of going home. If it’s sunny outside, grab an ice-cold bottle of water and take a walk in the arboretum. If it’s raining, read a book that interests you while sitting by a window. It is important to maintain productivity on campus but it’s also necessary to avoid stress by any means.

Another way to relax and simultaneously keep your brain active can be completing puzzles. Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep your brain thinking without the pressure of every answer. In class you have to complete assignments, but you can answer as many answers in a crossword puzzle as you desire. And if you’re obsessive and absolutely must answer everything or you’ll have a panic attack, just relax and result to Google. It’s the holy grail of college.

Word searches are super fun and it passes the time too. Playing solitaire online without using the “hint” button is key as well but try playing it with actual cards.

Technology rules the world now. Everyone you pass by has headphones in or texting their lives away. When you have down time, avoid your phone. Phones are now our source of reality and if you’re dependent on it you will associate it with important things in your life such as classwork. The purpose of downtime is to get away from reality. It is difficult to truly experience escapism is you’re invested in your phone, looking at something pertaining to your life in some way. Taking an hour out of your day to let your brain focus on nothing is truly underrated. It can genuinely make a difference in your performance in class and keep you calm, especially if you have a tendency of getting anxious.

Sodoku is another gem for math nerds. (I wouldn’t recommend it for Liberal Arts students who struggle in that department).

As stated before, it is okay to take a break. Some students may have so much on their plate and get freaked out when they have free time because they don’t know what to do with it. Instead of frying your brain and killing brain cells by watching the Kardashians, let your brain unwind in a healthier way. In return, you can save battery life on your phone. Everyone wins.






Hello, my name is Alayna Walker and I am a junior at Stephen F. Austin. I am a Radio/Tv Broadcasting major and I am minoring in psychology. My hobbies include reading, writing, working out and dancing.
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