Essential Oils: What You Need to Know

Essential oils are not a new trend exclusive to the blogs of mothers and free spirits. In fact, oils have been used for centuries by many cultures, and people from all different backgrounds use these natural goods from the Earth. There is a huge range of ways to use essential oils, from an energy boost, a clean dorm room, or even a natural alternative to medicine. The list goes on! If you are interested in decreasing your doctor’s office visits, protecting and building your immune system, or creating a more positive environment then essential oils could be for you! Here are some popular essential oils along with their benefits that can work as a guideline for the beginning of a healthier lifestyle.

Photo by: Megan Carswell

Use a diffuser.

A staple item to start reaping the benefits of essential oils is a diffuser. A diffuser works as a way to disperse essential oils into the air of your desired environment. Using just a few drops of essential oils along with water can create a huge advantage of health and wellness. You don’t need a fancy diffuser from a top name brand, because most of them work the same. Look at your local grocery store or even Amazon when grabbing a diffuser.

Photo by: Megan Carswell

When to diffuse Peppermint: Doing homework, after a workout, or before class.               

Peppermint oil is one of the most popular and most beneficial essential oils. Peppermint oil heightens your senses, which can help a person a wake up and create alertness. You can use it topically on your skin for sore muscles, aches, and pains along with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, or water to dilute it for more comfort on the skin. Peppermint also treats inflammation, making it great to use on bug bites. Make sure when you are purchasing your first oils to look at the purity, brand’s reputation, and the quality of the product!

When to diffuse Lavender: During the evening or before bed.

Lavender oil is very beneficial when it comes to the mind. When we unwind after a long day, often times we are stressed or preoccupied with other parts of our life. Lavender is a great de-stressor and relaxant. To unwind try applying a little behind the ear or on your wrists during the evening. Relaxing is something that most college students skip or forget to do, so using an essential oil like lavender as a part of your night routine is useful. As well, lavender oil is a sleep aid that can make for a better night’s rest.

When to diffuse Sweet Orange: In the morning or during personal leisure time.

Sweet Orange oil is what is commonly called a “happiness booster.” Sweet orange is a great air purifier and eliminator of bad odors. Used topically, it’s a great treatment for acne with its citrus components. Overall, it creates a positive environment in a person’s space which is great for college students who need a little pep in their step.

When to diffuse Frankincense: During sickness seasons or when cleaning.

Frankincense oil is debatably one of the most functional essential oils used. An antibacterial oil, Frankincense can kill harmful germs that exist in the air. During cold and flu season one’s health is more venerable, so Frankincense can provide the comfort and protection that many want during these seasons. Since many college students live in dorms with roommates and hundreds of other people, essential oils are another way to kill germs that can yield sickness no one wants. Additionally, frankincense can be used to fade stretch marks. While stretch marks are a completely normal part of being human, often times people find them undesirable. Using a few drops daily on the preferred area can increase fading.

Essential oils provide a little tool kit for wellbeing and health. A good method when starting essential oils is beginning with a few oils and slowly expanding your collection. Diffusing oils a few times a week can bring about a new outlook that a lot of students look for. Give them a try!

Photo by: Megan Carswell