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Don’t Drink The Water

Don’t drink the water

He’s poisoned it

I saw him with my own eyes

And heard it with my ears

The lies


They made their cup 

And took to the head

Every last drop

And believed every word he said


Don’t drink the water

He owns no filter

Tasteless chemicals

An odorless toxin

This mans of kilter


You wouldn’t do it without the water

You’d never say it

He’s even got his own daughter


Don’t Drink the water


…In the end 

You’ll forfeit the game

When all the chemicals have gone to your brain

You’ll sign your name in black


On the line please 

Turn your head to the screen

And remember

No outside food or drink

Hi, my name is Alayna I love writing short stories and poetry. My favorite color is pink and I truly believe we should break out into song whenever we feel like a musical.
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