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A Different Kind of Spring Break

Photo by: Travel Zoo

It’s finally the week we have been waiting for and now everyone will be going home to sleep for seven days or go on a big trip with their best friends. At SFA, however, the Alternative Breaks group will embark on a journey to five different states to perform community service at various projects. The group will be visiting Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Not only will they be doing important work, they’ll also do some great sightseeing. This is the first Alternative Breaks tour, and everyone has high hopes for accomplishing big things over the break.

While this may not sound like an ideal Spring Break to some, it is admirable that so many students are willing to take on these tasks and go to places they’ve never been to help communities in need. The projects they will be participating in vary greatly and even include working on the beach at Gulf Shores in Alabama. Aside from the community service, they will be visiting various places like the Civil Rights museum in Birmingham and the Jackson Zoo in Mississippi.

It may not be the normal ideal spring break trip, but these Lumberjacks are representing the humanitarian values of SFA and doing big things!

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