Daddy Issues: An Inquiry

‘Daddy issues’ is an informal phrase to describe the challenges we face when a father is absent, or the relationship is abnormal or unhealthy. This often creates a distrust of or sexual desire for men who act as father figures for us. Many times, because of the term’s prevalence in media, women are forced to re-think the relationship they share with their fathers. 

Relationships with fathers are something very unique to a person. Every single person has a different relationship with their parents. There is no doubt the relationship with your father has an effect on the person you are today.

For example, every year I realize how similar my father and I are, whether I like it or not. I see myself in him. Many of my positive attributes come from my father.

Many times, we have to take the time to really analyze the relationship that we have with our fathers. It matters whether we want it to or not. 

Here are 6 signs to determine if you may have daddy issues.

  1. You fall for emotionally unavailable people. Mainly people who just are not willing to open up with you emotionally and that leaves you feeling empty.
  2. Love/Hate relationship with your dad.
  3. You are terrified of commitment which means it is hard for you to commit to being someone’s girlfriend or fiancé.
  4. You have trust issues, maybe because you have a hard time finding that trust in your own father.
  5. You over-invest in others. You want to give the other person or your friends too much of yourself, leaving you burnt out.
  6. The toughest pill to swallow: You sabotage your healthy relationships. When things are too good, you question it, rocking the boat in your relationship.

The best way to overcome your daddy issues is through therapy. A therapist can guide you to an understanding in your relationship with your father in order for you to make better choices in relationships. The goal of therapy is to understand yourself better and feel more in control of your mind. Please consider talking to a mental health professional if you struggle with your own daddy issues.