Cool Gadgets To Help Relieve Stress

The stress is REAL! Luckily, creative people on this planet know this and have invented things to relieve of us of our daily stresses. Here's a couple of things that can help ease you...and are simply just fun to play with. 

1. Bubble Wrap

It’s not exactly a common household item, but it’s also pretty cheap! As long as you’re not in a quiet environment (like a library studying for midterms), you probably won’t annoy people too badly.

2. Play-Doh

I’ve recently discovered that play-doh is a fantastic tool for in-class anxiety. Some days lectures can be complicated and confusing, inducing anxiety. A little bit of play-doh in your non-dominant hand to play with while taking notes with your dominant hand can be an easy remedy.

3. Fidget Cube

The fidget cube is designed to help relive nervous energy for kids with ADD or ADHD, but is great for stressed teens/adults as well. Instead of clicking a pen over and over, there are buttons and switches on the cube in order to satisfy the nervous people and the people around them because it’s a much quieter option than clicking pens or tapping pencils.

4. Kinetic Sand

Sand that sticks to itself that you can wiggle your fingers in and cut with a plastic knife. And if you don’t like touching the sand, you can just watch videos on the internet, there are entire instagrams dedicated to them.