The Best is Yet to Come

For some reason, older people keep trying to tell me that I’ll look back and realize that high school was the best time of my life. To that I say, Speak for yourself and If I peaked in high school please kill me now.

Ok, that’s a little dramatic… high school wasn’t bad for me, but I’d say the good things were balanced out by the crappiness of being an angsty teenager and having not as much control of my life as I’d like. For people who like their independence, College is MUCH better. Yes, in high school someone else pays the bills and you can still use the “my mom said no” excuse to get out of things, but you still have to ask your parents for literally everything. No thanks.

I’m also just incredibly opposed to calling anything “the best time of my life”, “the best years of my life”, or “the golden days”. You’re basically just saying that your life isn’t going to get better. Seriously, if you think high school is the best your life is going to get, let me be the first to tell you that you aren’t aiming high enough.

Dream bigger. If you’re one of the people who thinks of high school as “the glory days”, stop. Look for new things that excite you. Grow so much as a person that you don’t recognize who you were in high school- that doesn’t matter in the real world anyway.

You can still cherish those memories, but realize that you can hold onto them without letting them hold onto you. There is so much more out there. Keep aiming higher, and save your analysis of what the actual “best time of your life” was for when you’re on your deathbed. I think it’ll be safe to make that statement then.