Being a Senior in a Freshman Class.

            When I found out that I had to finish the rest of my basic courses to graduate this spring, I wasn’t mad, I just accepted the fact that I would have to be part of a class filled with first year students as a senior. One of those basic courses I needed to take ended up being algebra, my least favorite subject. 

            When I walked into my algebra class on the first day, I thought it was a weird thing to be in a class filled with freshmen. The only reason it felt weird was because those first-year students seemed almost excited at the prospect of starting their first college algebra class. We all played an ice-breaker (something I’ve grown tired of throughout my years here at SFA if I’m being honest) and I learned there were first years who were undecided, some who know what they’re going to do, and others who might switch things up in the next year or two. 

            As time has passed, and classes have officially started, I have never been so grateful to relate to underclassmen so much. A good chunk of us were NOT good at math, and as someone who sadly identifies with that group, it was a blessing that one of the girls at my table knew what she was doing and helped. It’s because of her that I’m able to complete my homework most nights. Bless these underclassmen.  

I guess you could say it’s been an eye opening two weeks so far, and my algebra class isn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.