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5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Nature

Before the new year began, I told myself that I would be more mindful of my life. I wanted to start acknowledging not just the big things in life, but the little things as well. My goal was to stop rushing through each day and start taking the time to slow down and actually notice the world around me. Since 2019 has started, I can honestly say that I have become more aware of the beauty that is this world. 

For a very long time, I didn’t pay much attention to nature and there were many things about nature that I didn’t care for. I, of course, still struggle with finding an appreciation for creatures of nature such as bugs, rodents, etc., but recently I have come to respect nature more and I now take time to observe it. I believe that observing nature is a beautiful and healthy thing that everyone should take part in. 

I have learned that there are so many positive outcomes that result in just simply embracing the things that surround you. Most of us tend to see nature as negative and sometimes inconvenient, but I am here to say that I am a witness to its magic. Below I will give you five simple reasons as to why you should start embracing nature more.


1. It’s peaceful. 

I know this seems like an obvious reason, but seriously, it is one of the most peaceful experiences ever. If you’re an overthinker like me, observing nature can temporarily ease your crowded mind. Just taking the time to notice how the leaves on a tree ruffle during a slight breeze is so therapeutic. Even though for overthinkers the peace is only temporary, it is still such a great feeling to have. Also observing nature is a form of meditation for other things such as stress and anxiety. 

2. It is a reminder of how short life can be.    

Part of the reason that I chose to become more mindful of my life is that I recently lost two loved ones in less than a year's time. Both deaths were significant to me in many ways, but one underlying lesson learned was that life is incredibly short. It’s shorter than many of us realize and we must all start truly living our lives. 

Embracing nature will help you put this into more perspective. I realized that nature was here long before I was, and it will continue to be long after I leave. I now know that I must be like these timeless flowers and bloom unapologetically. I should be like our sun and shine as bright and as far as I can. I should just simply live and enjoy my life. 

3. Nature was intended to be adored.

I believe that nature was created with the pure intention for it to be loved and cherished by us. As humans, we tend to live life on the fast lane ignoring all the wonderful things that make up this Earth. From a bird's chirping a sweet sound on a calm Sunday morning to a thunderstorm rattling the Earth at night; everything in nature has its own beauty. No matter what or who you believe in, you should recognize that a power higher than you created a world that’s worth adoring.

4. Observing nature is a great way to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is something that I have been recently introduced to and I can safely say that I love it. Mindfulness is all about being more intentional with your actions and thoughts. It is about taking the time to address any issues or stresses you may be having so that you can prevent them from growing and lingering within your mind. 

Embracing nature will help you with practicing mindfulness because it slows you down. Just simply taking a quiet walk outside and observing all your surroundings will have you realizing things you never did before. You will see parts of nature that you once ignored that are unique and beautiful. That is ultimately what mindfulness is; it’s slowing down to see what’s unique and beautiful about life. 

5. Nature is a part of life, so why not embrace it?

Like I’ve stated earlier, nature has been around since the literal beginning of time, and it isn’t going anywhere. So why not just learn to love it more. Nature is around you every day and everywhere, and it is honestly a sight to witness. I’m not saying you need to become some hippie tree hugging person or go camping/hiking all the time because trust me, I am not that person. All I’m saying is that life is short, the world is beautiful, and you should open your eyes to see it. 

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