10 Easy Ways to Take Care of Yourself

1. Go outside for 30 minutes. Being outside to get some fresh air and feel the (potential) sunshine on your skin will help you feel better for free.

2. Clean your room. Cleaning your room/space is one of the easiest ways to press the restart button. Getting rid of trash and filth in your space will help you feel free in your mind.

Photo from Flickr.

3. Make some food with your friends. Not only will you get to hang out with your friends, but when you’re done you get food! It’s a win-win!

4. Watch your favorite movie. Put up the cell phone, shut off the laptop and let your mind relax byre-watching your favorite movie.

5. Take your medication/vitamins. The most basic way to take care of yourself is to take your medication and your vitamins when you are told to. So, do it.

6. Have a shower. There is something so therapeutic about showering, and afterwards, you feel so fresh and so clean.

7. Dye your hair. You may need help dying your hair, or you may be able to do it yourself, regardless, it is an easy way to feel brand new. 

Photo by Flickr.

8. Go hang out with some animals at the animal shelter. Playing with, feeding, walking and just being around animals is proven to make you feel better. Sometimes just looking at an animal will improve your mood. So go out, and play with a pet!

9. Take a nap. My personal favorite ‘self-care’ is a nap. It’s super simple and I always feel better after a good 20-minute snooze.

10. Do a face mask. The key to life’s problems. Okay, not really, but taking care of your skin is a great way to relax.