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What to do for Anxiety

Anxiety is something many people struggle with, especially this time of year!  Here are some natural remedies that I use and hope will be useful for you (keep in mind that they can work for stress as well).


Herbal tea is a godsend when it comes to anxiety. I feel my anxiety in my stomach which just makes my anxiety worse. I have that Peppermint tea and Ginger tea both help a great deal. They calm my nerves and my stomach. Chamomile is also a good choice, also any type of Sleepy Time tea is generally a good option.


For me knitting and crocheting are both great for soothing anxiety. They allow me to concentrate on something without thinking to much and the movement of the hands is very soothing. Drawing can work to, but I find that that takes too much thought, but it’s worth a try.


And not just soothing. Sometimes when I am having an anxiety attack “soothing music” doesn’t distract me enough. I need to listen to something with words, something to bring me out of my head. I suggest listening to your favorite songs, especially upbeat ones. Of course soothing music does have it’s place, but if it is not working for you, try something else.


I know everyone says to breathe, but it is true and something that I often forget to do. I have an app on my phone that has a moving line and a sound that plays to help you pace your breathing. There are many out there, and I suggest finding one that works best for you.


Aromatherapy can help a lot. There are many different kinds of oils for different uses. I know that a lot of people use lavender as a calming scent, but if it is too strong (as it often is from a diffuser) I can get Asthmatic, so I have had to get more creative. I find that peppermint is very calming and makes me happy, and that orange or lemon is very uplifting and can pull you out of a dark mindset. I almost constantly have my diffuser going in my room especially during studying.



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