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Reasons to Keep Writing Letters

Social media and the internet has made instant communication between people incredibly easier. It’s so easy to share photos with my parents, friends, and classmates. But this type of communication is also less personal. Status posts on Facebook are seen by hundreds of people and replies can be immediate. Despite the benefits, I believe it’s also important to remember how to communicate in ways that are more personal. One of my personal favorite ways to communicate is through handwritten notes, cards, and letters.


Here are some reasons I think people should continue to write to others:


Writing letters is personal.

Knowing that someone took the time to sit, think, and write a note makes the connection between you and that person stronger. They chose to give you a piece of them. Does it get more special than that?


Writing letters is therapeutic.

There’s something about having a pen and paper and being able to write down whatever flows through your mind. Sometimes when I write, I feel like I am pouring my soul out on paper. It really is one of the best feelings in the world.


Writing letters can make someone’s day.

Handwritten notes are one of my favorite things in the whole world. It has the power to lift a person’s spirits and alter their entire mood for the day. No matter what people say, words are powerful.


Writing letters can allow you to practice patience.

In a world where results are expected fast, sending and receiving letters requires people to actively practice the art of patience. It really is a virtue.



There is a lot of life-changing potential in a letter. I encourage you to write one this week.

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