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books on brown wooden shelf
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How to Find Success During Midterms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sewanee chapter.

Midterms are a crazy time of year- You’re finally starting to get in the swing of things after summer holiday, you know your class schedule and where everything is. Then Midterms hit you!


No one is ever really ready for midterms, you start to question

‘Have I really learned anything yet?’

‘How is it already half way through the semester!?”

Panic might be starting to set in right now, but stop, breathe, You can do this!  

When preparing for midterms know that you have been here for half a semester. You’ve got this!


Here are a few tips to make the sure you feel prepared!

  1. I like to start my preparations by going back through my notes and highlighting the things that I feel are most important. By re-reading my notes I’m able to re-teach myself the lectures that have been going on in class. Sometimes I will go back and rewrite my new notes with the information that is most important. Handwriting things makes it easier to remember and learn information.

  2. Make a study guide with your classmates and friends. Studying with people helps! You are able to explain the concepts that you understand well and they can help you with what you are confused about.

  3. Quiz yourself and each other, you will be amazed at how much you already know! If you are making flashcards make sure that you are studying the cards you don’t know, once you have gotten it right multiple times don’t keep studying them, focus on the things that are giving you trouble.

  4. See your professor, I can’t tell you how much this helps! When in doubt always go see them. It’s their job to help you and teach you this information. When you go to your professor for help they take note, and while grading your exam they will remember that you came to see them. This could be the difference of a few points.

  5. Take study breaks! Your brain will do better if you aren’t working for 50 million hours straight. Breaks actually help you to retain the information.

  6. Eat well! Drink water! It can be hard not to eat junk food while studying but healthy food=healthy body which = a healthy mind.

  7. Sleep! Try not to pull an all nighter. Know your limits, but don’t slack off on sleep.

If you have been studying you don’t need to stress yourself out with the cramming sessions. You’ve got this!

  1. Dress well test well, right? I always feel a bit more prepared when I am comfortable yet put together.

  2. Don’t stress! Believe that you know the information. Have the confidence in yourself that you can succeed!

  3. Totally optional- Sleep with your notes under your pillow- It can’t hurt right?

Just remember, It’s only the midterm!

Finals are next….

YSR'20 International Global Studies & German Language Double Major. Proctor, Choir, Kappa Delta, Admissions