Home Remedies to Help You Feel Better

Feeling sick? Yeah, it’s going around. Here are some suggestions of natural ways to make you feel better.  Just keep in mind that none of these are a replacement for real medical care; if you need medicine, go to the wellness center.

1. Rest

But let’s be honest; we don’t have time for this, so you’ll probably need to try some of these other ones.

2. Drink Tea!

No matter what’s wrong with you, there’s a type of tea that will at least help.  Green tea is good for boosting the immune system, peppermint is an anti-inflammatory and decongestant, chamomile helps you sleep and settles your stomach, and cinnamon can help fight viruses.  Tea is also easy to get as a wide variety of teas are offered in McClurg.

3. Showering

This is another cheap and easy suggestion; take a shower! If you’re congested it’ll help open up your sinuses, and if you feel sick in other ways it can give you a little boost.  Feeling clean makes a big difference to your overall mental wellbeing, so sometimes a small step can make a big difference.

4. Aromatherapy

While not as easy as taking a shower or snagging some tea from Clurg, this one is really good for you.  Aromatherapy uses essential oils to make you feel better both mentally and physically.  Various oils do different things, so do your research about what you want/need from them.

5. Ginger

This gets its own category because there are so many ways to use it and all of them will help you feel better if you’re sick.  It can be added to tea or any food, and there are so many health benefits that it would take forever to list them all. 

6. Get Outside

Exercise is still important, even when you’re sick.  If it isn’t too cold or wet outside, spending some time out in the fresh air is really good for you.  Don’t feel the need to do anything strenuous, just go take a little walk in Abbo’s Alley. 

Those are just a few suggestions for ways to feel better, but remember to go see a doctor if you’ve been sick for a while and haven’t started to get better.  Stay healthy, Sewanee!