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10 New Years Resolutions for Every College Girl, According to Beyonce

Make 2014 your best year yet. What are you waiting for?!

1. Ask that guy to formal. You know which one. The one you've been wanting to ask since freshman year but have chickened out every time. Plus, there is a 99 percent chance that he will say yes. People don’t turn down an open bar… they just don’t!

2. DO NOT walk of shame. Make him get his lazy butt out of bed and drive you. Or just eliminate the phrase “walk of shame” from your 2014 vocabulary. Stride of pride ladies!

3. Speak up in classes! Even if there are lots of guys in it. ESPECIALLY if there are lots of guys in it. Rock how smart you are! 

4. Don't stare at your phone in between classes. That text message can wait, substitute it with a few passing hellos!

5. Load up your tray in the dining hall with all the ice cream, pizza, fries, and all the nutella you want… even when you pass the frat tables. Seriously, no one cares or is judging you.

6. Finish that final building on the Academic Challenge. Hooking up in every academic building on campus may not be exactly resume material, but hey, YOLO. 

7. Step away from the elliptical. Expand your workout horizons a little and sweat it out in a yoga class, hit up a Zumba sesh, or take a few dance classes!

8. Don’t stress out over those drunk texts from last weekend. How else will people know how much you love them? 

9. OWN THAT DANCE FLOOR. Stop letting guys grind on you and cramp your style. 

10. Be more like Beyonce. Naturally, she does everything on this list. So, you’re off to a pretty good start of living your life like Queen Bey.  

Annie is a senior English major and Women's and Gender Studies minor from Macon, GA. 
Larkin Parker is a sophomore politics major at Sewanee: The Univeristy of the South! Her favorite color is all the colors in the rainbow! Her favorite food is everything! When Larkin grows up she wants to be a veteraniarian, a ballerina, a unicorn and a political campaign manager! In her free time she likes to play dress up, make new dog friends and annoy the people around her in the library!
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