You SHU’d Know: A Podcast for and by Seton Hall Students

This spring semester, myself and nine other students have been working on Seton Hall’s first ever student-produced podcast, “You SHU’d Know.” As part of the College of Communication and the Arts, this five-episode podcast offers current, perspective and even high school students advice on college and student life. Everything from adjusting to college, campus and social life, college regrets and what to do after college.

“I do think students will definitely relate to some episodes but they’ll also learn more about things they probably didn’t know about during their time here,” Courtney Carr, one of the students of “You SHU’d Know” and my co-host on the show said.

Cover Photo by Courtney Carr:

Seton Hall’s new podcasting class taught by Nancy Solomon, who is also the managing editor of New Jersey Public Radio, shared her knowledge in the business with her students. Throughout the semester, Solomon guided students through the process of creating a show as well as how to execute it for wide distribution. Within a span of a few months and hard work, “You SHU’d Know” was born.

“We’ve worked really hard on the podcast and I’m really excited for everyone to hear it,” Carr said.

The first episode of “You SHU’d Know” airs May 2 on SoundCloud and iTunes. You can listen to the show’s trailer here: