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Thinking about going through formal recruitment? Want to learn more about each sorority? The Presidents of each organization took time to answer some questions about their sorority to give you a sneak peak into their sorority.

How would you describe the typical DPhiE sorority woman?

There is no ‘typical’ DPhiE woman, that is what is so special about DPhiE. Our organization is made up of strong women who feel passionate about our philanthropies and strive to achieve academically. All of our sisters bring something special to our organization. We pride ourselves on having such diverse sisters who feel strongly about the different things they are involved in. 

What is your best memory in your sorority?

My favorite memory in the sorority was our Centennial celebration as an organization. During my New Member process DPhiE turned 100 years old and we hosted a huge celebration for the alum of the Alpha Delta chapter. Seeing so many strong women who truly cared about the organization and the relationships they made through it, showed me, I really did choose the right organization. 

What are your favorite DPhiE activities?

Some of my favorite activities are the cosponsorships we do with other organizations such as the Suicide Awareness Talk we co-sponsor with Alpha Sig. Of our own events my favorite is our ANAD Auction in which we raise money for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders while also educating members of our community on eating disorders. This year we will be having our first Deepher Duals coming up in April so stay tuned for more information on that! 

How is your chapter different from others on campus?

I believe the Greek community as whole offers an experience like no other to students on Seton Hall’s campus. While each organization is unique and has their own particular strengths, we are all able to come together to support each other. DPhiE prides itself on our high achievement in academics, incorporation of community service and philanthropic efforts outside of our main three – ANAD, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation. 

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money and awareness for your philanthropy?

ANAD -Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation. We do many different events in support of our philanthropies, from an ANAD Auction in which we raise money and educate the community about eating disorders, to our donations to the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation. In fact several of our sisters in the Alpha Delta chapter have received the scholarships provided by the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation. Aside from our three main philanthropies, we do our best to support causes and organizations that our sisters care about. For example, we have built and maintained a great relationship with St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Newark, by volunteering and donating almost every month. 

What would be your advice for a PNM going through recruitment?

Be open minded, you may think you have it all figured out but you’ll be surprised how quickly your opinion can change. Really try to get a good understanding of each sororities philanthropies, they tell you a lot about their organization and you may find something you can relate to. You will probably be nervous but that’s okay the sisters are too so don’t feel discouraged. Ask questions!!! You may think you know all there is to being in a organization but you probably don’t; think of a few questions before recruitment to ask. Mostly have fun, be yourself, get excited, and see what each organization has to offer and think about what you can offer them! 

What is the biggest misconception you’d like to address about being a sorority woman?

There seems to always be preconceived notions about sorority women but I whole heartedly believe DPhiE is the exception. We have such a diverse group of sisters that are all passionate about different things and because of that we do not have one specific type of sister. I think people are also under the impression that once you join a sorority you cannot be involved in anything else but our sisters are the perfect example of how untrue that is. We have sisters involved in so many different clubs and organizations across campus. Our sisters are involved in Adelante, Model UN, SGA, Peer Advising, Residence Assistance, Know More, other greek organizations such as Alpha Phi Omega, CPC, and more!

How did you know DPhiE was right for you?

I knew DPhiE was right for me when I felt at home when going through recruitment. Being so far from home (I am from California), it was tough to make to make friends and feel like I belonged. I will never forget being in DPhiE’s preference round, listening to some of the strongest women I had the pleasure of knowing, talk about some of the hardest moments in their lives. In their courage and grace I saw the independent woman I wanted to be, but I also saw the women who held their hand along the way. In seeing this, I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization.

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