Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Phi

Thinking about going through formal recruitment? Want to learn more about each sorority? The Presidents of each organization took time to answer some questions about their sorority to give you a sneak peak into their sorority.

How would you describe the typical Alpha Phi sorority woman?

Sisters of Alpha Phi are all women that uphold values such as leadership, moral character, loyalty and so many more. We believe in creating the best version of ourselves, in addition to the best version of Alpha Phi as a whole. 

What is your best memory in your sorority?

I would say one of my favorite memories in this sorority, aside from getting a bid, would be when I was officially initiated as a sister. The special ceremony we hold expresses all the ideas and values that we hold so close to our hearts. Having all the sisters in one room to share in this ritual is just heart-warming.

What are your favorite Alpha Phi activities?

I really enjoy doing all of our tabling on campus. Whether it’s fundraising for our philanthropy with fish or just handing out goods to students on campus, it always fun to just have to sisters together and share Alpha Phi with the rest of the Seton Hall community. 

How is your chapter different from others on campus?

Compared to other organizations on campus, Alpha Phi really likes to make our philanthropy a priority. Aside from the stitched letters we wear and the friends we make, we enjoy doing all these events for a cause bigger than ourselves. 

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money and awareness for your philanthropy?

Our philanthropy is the Alpha Phi Foundation which supports Women’s Heart Health. Our biggest philanthropy fundraiser is our annual Red Dress Gala which includes our friends and family usually off campus. But on campus, we hold multiple tabling events, most popular our PHIsh sale, an annual soccer tournament - Alpha Phifa, 5k walk called Move Your Phi’t, King of Hearts, Philates, and so much more. 

What would be your advice for a PNM going through recruitment?

Going through recruitment, my biggest advice for PNMs would be to keep an open mind. All the organizations on this campus have so much to offer and are all so unique. Even though being a PNM is overwhelming, they should trust the process and know that they will end up in the place they will get to call their home. 

What is the biggest misconception you'd like to address about being a sorority woman?

There’s always this generalized stereotype of sorority women being unintelligent and only care about their appearances. As college students, we take our studies very seriously and we have so many sisters that simultaneously are involved in other clubs around campus. We also have so many opportunities within our own chapter to take initiative, with leadership positions to make a difference. These women go on to do amazing things, traveling around the world, with successful careers after graduation. 

How did you know Alpha Phi was right for you?

As corny as it sounds, Alpha Phi just felt like home. Going through the recruitment process, I instantly just made connections with all the sisters I had conversations with. Listening to them talk about sisterhood, their philanthropy, and on the final day, their ceremony depicting their values allowed me to visualize myself as a sister of Alpha Phi. 

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Twitter: @AlphaPhiSHU


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