Sorority Spotlight: Alpha Gamma Delta

Thinking about going through formal recruitment? Want to learn more about each sorority? The Presidents of each organization took time to answer some questions about their sorority to give you an sneak peak into their sorority.

How would you describe the typical AGD sorority woman?

It’s hard to describe a typical Alpha Gam because each sister is unique and brings something different to the organization. Something that is shared amongst all sisters is the value of sisterhood and drive to bring awareness as well as contributions to our philanthropy, Fighting Hunger.

What is your best memory in your sorority?

My best memory in Alpha Gamma Delta is getting my bid to the organization. I will never forget that feeling of running home to the girls I would soon call my sisters. From that moment on I’ve felt nothing but support, love, and a sense of home from this group of women.  

What are your favorite AGD activities?

My favorite Alpha Gamma Delta activities include anything that allows me to spend time with my sisters; whether that be tabling, holding a philanthropy event, grabbing a bite to eat, or hanging out on the green.

How is your chapter different from others on campus?

Our chapter is made up of women who are involved in so much more than just our organization. To bring attention to a few, we have sisters who are part of ROTC, presidents of clubs, and captains on the dance team. We are extremely proud to have our sisters represent us in more ways than one.

What is your philanthropy? What are some events that you do to raise money and awareness for your philanthropy?

Our philanthropy is Fighting Hunger. This is only our second year with our philanthropy since it was switched from Diabetes Awareness & Education. Our international leadership felt that Fighting Hunger could reach more people and allow members more opportunities to have hands-on connections in their community. We are still introducing new events due to the switch. Hungry Hungry Hippos is one event we have held already. It is just what it sounds like; a human version of the game Hungry Hungry Hippos. We are transitioning our event, Date for Diabetes, to Date for a Plate this spring. One event that has stayed the same throughout our philanthropy switch is Cupcake Wars. This is an extremely fun event that has teams compete to make the best cupcakes based on a theme chosen by our VP of Philanthropy.  

What would be your advice for a PNM going through recruitment?

My advice for a PNM going through recruitment would be to go into the weekend with an open mind. You never know what kind of connections you are going to make. Make sure to be true to yourself and trust your gut. The rest will fall into place.

What is the biggest misconception you'd like to address about being a sorority woman?

A common misconception is that your grades will suffer when you join a sorority. This is not true at all! In fact, we have one of the highest cumulative GPAs. We have special systems in place, such as Study Buddies, in order to make sure that we are helping our sisters excel in school.

How did you know AGD was right for you?

I had genuine conversations and felt like I connected with every sister while talking to them during rounds. It was a gut instinct that I went with and hoped for the best. Now I can’t imagine college or life in general without the group of women I get to call my sisters.

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