Songs That You Miss but Totally Jam Out to When They Come On the Radio

We're counting down your favorite throwback songs!

10.  "Say My Name" – Destiny’s Child


Say my name, say my name! If you did not just sing that in your head, then you are completely lying to yourself.  This song is still a jam, and has every woman questioning their man when he doesn’t “say her name, say her name.”

9.  "It’s Gonna Be Me" – ‘N Sync

Every year…every single year, we are reminded of this song on April 30 because of Justin Timberlake’s bad articulation and pronunciation of “me”.  "It’s gonna be May!"

8.  "Sk8er Boi" – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne was every preteen’s idol, especially when this song came out.  Pink hair and piercings, singing about a bad boy “sk8er” and not every mom was happy with this new teen idol.  We remember the good old days of begging mommy and daddy to let us dye our hair bubblegum pink like our girl Avril.

7.  "Hey Ya!" – OutKast

“Shake it like a polaroid picture” is one of the most genius verses of the century. You can’t even deny this fact.

6.  "Lucky" – Britney Spears

This is only one of the many, many, old Britney songs that we miss, along with “Oops! I Did It Again,” “Baby One More Time” and “Toxic.”  “Lucky” is a catchy anthem about the downsides of stardom.  When this song comes on, no matter where you are, you’re turning to the girl next to you and singing.

5.  "Hollaback Girl" – Gwen Stefani

At least 50 percent of modern day college students learned to spell “bananas” from this song, and still sing the part in their head when spelling it.

4.  "I Want It That Way" – Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync were the “OG” boy bands.  They were the ones that girls were absolutely going crazy over.  Today, girls still go crazy when this song is turned on in the car or at a party.

3.  Get the Party Started – P!nk

Even if you didn’t party when this song came out (if you’re a college student right now, we would be extremely surprised if you went out to the club when this song came out), this song was, and still is, a major pump-up song.  Even in the car ride to Blockbuster on a Saturday night, this song made you “get the party started!” P!nk was also the original bad *chick*.

2.  "It Wasn’t Me" – Shaggy

This was one of those songs that you never really knew the words to when you were younger, but you knew the line “wasn’t me.” Now that you’re older and listen to it, you’re like “WOW! That’s extremely inappropriate!”

1.  "Stacy’s Mom" – Fountains of Wayne

This band was definitely a one hit wonder, but we thank the music gods every day for this one hit.  This song was weird, and the music video was weird, but it connects people everywhere through its weirdness.  Shout-out to Stacy’s mom, whoever you are, because you got it going on!