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Happy First Day of Spring: Snowstorm Edition

When think of the first day of spring, you usually imagine that all the snow is mostly melted, if not completely gone from sight. The temperature has risen slightly to a warm 55 degrees, or at least warmer than the freezing temperatures we’d faced during winter. Maybe the trees wouldn’t look so dead anymore, ready for spring time. There would be more people populating the green, spreading out and trying to catch as much sun as the first day of spring would have. It would feel like a good day no matter the amount of school because it means you’re almost done with the semester, and winter is almost through. 

Instead we got a snowstorm that started the night of the first day of spring and classes canceled the following day. People were out on the green having snowball fights, running around, and making snow angels. But while I’m all for snow-days, I’m so done with the snow. I spent the day in my room watching Netflix with my roommate, and wondering when the snow was going to stop. I’m all for spring. I’m excited to watch Seton Hall come alive again, and no longer having to avoid the slush around campus. I want everyone out on the green making connections and seeing people they don’t get to see everyday. Let’s bring back shorts and dresses without having to freeze our butts off. So if you know any bring-on-spring dances let me know! 

Hi! My name is Kiah Conway and I'm a double major in Journalism and Creative Writing here at Seton Hall. I am one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus, as well as a Chapter Advisor for some HC Chapters. If it wasn't already obvious, I am really passionate about writing. I'm also a serious Netflix addict and book lover. In between binge watching Marvel movies and doing homework, I spend my time hardcore Pinteresting and writing short stories.
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