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Alpha Omicron Pi President: Brianna Bernath

Name: Brianna Bernath

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism/PR & Philosophy 

Hometown: Old Bridge, N.J.

Campus Activities: Alpha Omicron Pi (President), The Setonian (Assistant News Editor), Pirate TV and College of Communication and the Arts Cabinet

As the presidential debates make their wrap, we decided to take a look at those who lead student organizations on campus. We spoke with Brianna Bernath, fellow journalism lover and president of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, to learn more about her, her organization, and what else she’s involved with on campus.

Her Campus (HC): The last presidential debate is this week. You’re familiar with presidential duties, what is it like being president of AOII?

Brianna Bernath (BB): It’s most certainly been an adventure! I don’t think there’s been a dull moment since I began my time as president last November. AOII has definitely grown so much within the last year and I feel so blessed that I’ve gotten to watch it happen. I feel that this position has helped me grow and become more confident in my own leadership skills.

HC: Why and how did you decide to take on such a big role within your sorority? Also, when did you join?

BB: I became a member of AOII in spring 2015, and it was most definitely a crazy decision to become president less than a year later! I basically fell in love with AOII and wanted to get as involved as possible right away. I hadn’t really considered running until the president before me reached out and suggested that I’d be a good fit for the position. She was a fantastic mentor who gave me a crash course on all things AOII. I was so excited by the end of my first meeting with her to discuss the positon!

HC: You certainly have a lot on your plate, can you tell me more about some of the other campus orgs that you’re involved with and what you do?

BB: Of course! I’m a member of Pirate TV. I’m also a part of the Student Cabinet for the College of Communication and the Arts (the students that work with the new college’s faculty to make change). And last but not least, I’m the Assistant News Editor of The Setonian (printed every Thursday – pick up a copy!)

HC: It’s no surprise you’re successful on and off campus. What kind of internships opportunities have you had and what have your experiences been like?

BB: I’ve had two internship experiences that I’ve absolutely loved! From January to August of this year, I was at CNBC’s “Mad Money,” and then I was given the amazing opportunity to intern for NBC’s “TODAY” show this fall. I’ve loved every minute of being an NBCUniversal intern, and I’ve learned so much from these awesome experiences. Both of these internships definitely confirmed in my mind that I've chosen the right career path.

HC: Let’s think less of work and more about free time. When you do get some *free time,* what are some of your favorite things to do?

BB: When I do get some free time I love spending time with my friends and family! I’m also a musical theatre enthusiast and try to see as many shows as I can when I’m not busy. Oh, and sleep. Sleep is great.

HC: Lastly, we’re getting pretty deep into the semester right now. What are some goals that you’ve set for yourself and what vision do you have for yourself for this school year?

BB: I’m currently aiming to stay on top of my schoolwork for the rest of the semester because I’m the worst at keeping up with it when I’m busy. I want to find a spring internship that I’m passionate about, and I’m also looking forward to all of the awesome things The Setonian and AOII have planned for the rest of the school year. And most importantly, I want to really enjoy the rest of this school year with my friends!


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Leah Carton

Seton Hall

Leah Carton is currently a junior at Seton Hall University majoring in Public Relations. She is the News Copy Editor and staff writer for The Setonian and manages the Seton Hall Her Campus Instagram and Twitter accounts.
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