24 Hour Library Season

While everyone is out having fun on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, you'll find me at the library. I won't be the girl blaring music through my headphones while writing my paper, nor am I the one watching Netflix instead of actually studying. I'll be the girl behind the desk giving out study rooms and helping people find books. 

The Walsh Library is now open 24 hours from now 'til the end of the semester (May 16th) and that's great. Really. Freshman year I spent most of finals week in the library writing papers, studying, and taking quick naps under the cubicles (yes it's gross, no I didn't care). Sophomore year I pulled all-nighters in the library goofing off with friends in between the same studying and paper writing. I loved 24 hours. Probably the best thing that SHU does for it's students. 

This year though I'm sick of the library and 24 hours. Working in the library definitely changes my opinion of 24 hours. Of course I get it. The library is open so people can study and have a designated place to actually get work done in the weeks leading up to finals. But as someone who has to work behind the desk, it's the most brutal time. The extra hours are long. Suddenly, everyone and their grandmother need to find random books on random topics. No one seems to know how to even look for books on shelves. It's a hectic time.

And the study rooms. Don't even get me started. Some people think they're entitled to get a room (which they aren't). People get mad about the wait list (which is insane). Some people just blatantly refuse to bring their key back on time, willing to pay the fine just to keep the room longer. And the bribes. Random students will try and slip me money just to put them at the top of the waiting list (which I won't take, and honestly save your money for something else). People also offer donuts or coffee from Dunkin to be moved to the top. It's wild. People are willing to do a lot just to get a study room. 

If you're going to study in the library during 24 hours just remember to be respectful. The library staff are pulling extra long hours, and are barely getting any sleep. The students are trying to study and really don't want to hear Rebecca Black's Friday on repeat. And if it gets to the point where you're bringing pillows and blankets with you to the library, please just sleep in your dorm. You're really not getting anything done, and you're just taking up space that someone else could be utilizing. 

Good luck!