Timeline of a Night In

When it comes to college life on weekends, there aren’t really as many things to do as modern entertainment has led us to believe (thanks a lot, Gossip Girl). Actually, there’s really two main options you have on Friday and Saturday nights: going out or staying in. Sure, there’s variations within each choice, but here’s a pretty typical runthrough of a night in.

7:45 PM: Your roommate leaves for the night. Time to take off your pants and enjoy the freedom of being comfortable in your own home.

7:46 PM: Cue up Netflix. You can pretend that you’re finally going to do something productive with your night, but all’s lost once you hear the 30 Rock theme song.

8:12 PM: Next episode, please!

8:37 PM: Another episode!

9:17 PM: Speaking of being an adult... It’s probably time to eat something. Is the Cave open? You realize that it is, but that going to stock up on snacks would require putting your pants back on again. That’s fine... You wanted to eat Triscuits and peanut butter for dinner, anyways.

9:35 PM: Scroll through Tumblr, pausing Netflix every so often to play a funny video you come across.

9:52 PM: Next episode!

10:00 PM: You could probably get some of those internship applications out of the way while you’re watching Netflix. After all, aren’t they just filling out the same form over and over again? Totally something you can multitask with.

10:07 PM: Apparently you can’t watch Netflix and apply for internships at the same time. Give up and take all the Buzzfeed quizzes you haven’t taken yet.

10:18 PM: Next episode!

10: 31 PM: Fall asleep with your laptop next to you in bed. Sure, it’s earlier than you usually go to sleep on weeknights, but the weekends are for having fun and sleeping is one of the most fun things a person can do.