Six Stages of Midterms as told by Disney Characters

It’s time. We are approaching the middle of the quarter. And you know what that means? That’s right. MIDTERMS.


Stage One: The dawning realization that’s it’s already mid-quarter.

Where did all my time go? I’m still not even sure what times my classes are. Is that a grey hair I’m growing?


Stage Two: Carrying five pounds’ worth of books into the library to set up camp.

Studying for 12 hours on a Sunday? GET PUMPED.


Stage Three: After a few hours of studying…

Or has it only been five minutes? Can I take a nap yet?


Stage Four: After three cups of coffee and an unsatisfying nights’ worth of sleep: the moment of truth. Jumping into the midterm like…

You’re either smiling like Mickey, or screaming like a duck. Either way, you’re hyped on coffee and studying, and you have to take this midterm.


Stage Five: Walking out of the classroom like…


Stage Six: Now that you’re done with that midterm, it’s time to look forward to spring break.

Grasping towards the end of the quarter like Stitch!

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