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Relaxing Yoga Poses for Dead Week

With finals right around the corner, there’s something you should be doing to prepare in addition to studying: yoga. Even if you’re busy schlepping between the library and class, you can still squeeze in some relaxing, meditation-based yoga poses to keep calm. Check them out!

1. The Small Child’s pose. You might be familiar with the Child’s pose, but the Small Child’s pose is a more appropriate choice for finals week, energy wise.

2. The R2D2 pose. A super simple beginner’s pose.

3. The Draco Malfoy from A Very Potter Musical pose. This is a bit more difficult so stay away if you’re a beginner.

4. The Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids pose. This is a fairly thrilling yoga pose, but isn’t too difficult to accomplish.

5. The Tina Belcher pose. Definitely a beginner’s pose! So easy even a child can do it.

6. The George Michael Bluth pose. If you’re looking for a more complex pose, this is for you! It may take a while to master, but the relief you feel from it is totally worth the time.

7. The Luke Larsen. This pose really stretches out your back and add a backpack for advanced level.

Good luck on your finals everyone! 

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