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Stay Fit This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, it is so important to maintain a consistent exercise routine. The holidays typically bring a time of indulgence from family gatherings and dinners to parties to baking and everything in between. Festive food and tasty treats surround you! How can you pass up Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pies, and Christmas cookies?! Of course, it is so important to treat and enjoy yourself, but it’s also easy to get carried away, and lose sight of your eating and exercise habits. You may be stressed, overwhelmed, or feel short time, and may want to put off a workout, but it’s the workouts that will keep you sane among all the craziness the holidays bring. Workout classes are a great way to keep your exercise routine varied and help you stay motivated to stay in shape, and bonus points is that they are only an hour! So here’s a few gyms/studios to try out this holiday season. 


1.) First up Renegade Fit. It is a type of high intensity training class that combines cardio, weights, and turf exercises. The targeted muscle group varies by the day, leaving two days a week for full body workouts. It’s the perfect mix of endurance, sprinting, weight lifting, and core strengthening. This “no rest” class will keep your heart rate high and your calories burning. You are guaranteed to be sore for days. 

2.) Corepower yoga is the ultimate yoga studio offering numerous heated classes and different levels of yoga. You can go stretch and restore your body or you can aim for a more intense class like yoga sculpt or hot power fusion. I promise you will sweat like never before when you take HPF. 

3.) Next up, Barry’s Bootcamp, which is another type of high intensity training.The class is broken up into treadmills and floor exercises so you get 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscle specific exercises depending on the day. You’ll get your blood flowing, get lost in the music in the red room, and push yourself to reach your goals. 


Even though it may be nerve wracking or scary to try a new exercise class, give it a shot because you may just find your new favorite workout. But with all the hustle and bustle the holidays bring, whatever form of exercise is your favorite, make it a habit and a part of your everyday routine. I promise not only your body, but your mind will thank you!

Logan Aitken is a second year student majoring in food and nutrition at San Diego State. She is passionate about health and fitness, and started her own health and wellness instagram account (@livinglolo_). She enjoys taking everyday, classic recipes and reinventing them with her own healthy twist. She is also an educator at Lululemon. She loves living a fast-paced active lifestyle, but when she has a moment of down time, you will always find her at the beach.
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