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A Cup of PositiviTEA

There is a cup that is filled halfway. Therefore you have two options: you can view the cup as half empty, or you can view it as half full. Having a positive outlook is important in life for a variety of different reasons: it brings happiness into your life, it helps avoid negative thinking and it leads to success.  


Having a positive mindset helps when it comes to achieving one’s goals. When thinking positively, tasks are easier to fulfill. When working towards your goals, obstacles may pop up. When this happens, it is vital that you stay motivated. Motivation is a positive trait that helps you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching a goal. Thinking positively increases your motivation to succeed. 


 Having a positive view of things also helps with your self-esteem. Reflect on the positive things about yourself. When you have a positive attitude toward yourself, people tend to treat you with more respect.  


Also, positivity can affect a person’s health. Studies have shown that people who have a positive outlook tend to be more energetic. A person's mindset has a big impact on their body and health. A person’s immune system is healthier when they are thinking positively. Also, a person who has a positive outlook on their body tends to recover faster. A study was done by Dr. Alicia Crum where she separated 84 hotel housekeepers into two groups. For one group, they showed a 15-minute presentation on how their work satisfies the surgeon's general requirements of doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity and gave them a poster that said, “Your work is good exercise.” Four weeks later they measured both groups. The group that wasn’t given the presentation didn’t change. However, the group that was given the presentation did change; they lost weight, had a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure, lost body fat and reported liking their job more.  


In addition, a person’s health positivity affects their relations with others. People tend to gravitate toward optimistic people. People enjoy being around others who are positive. Positive people bring happiness and energy. A positive attitude can bring networking opportunities. A positive person expands their networks which opens the door to new opportunities. In this way,  a positive attitude can increase your chances of getting a job.  


Even simple positive acts can go a long way such as smiling at someone or saying hello. When we give back to others, our endorphins kick in, giving us the feeling of a natural high. Studies have shown that giving back reduces anxiety and makes us happier.  


“Remember to look at your glass half full not half empty.” -Mattie Stepanek.