Ways to Make Salads More Exciting

Salads. Everyone’s favorite right? Even I cringe as I write that. I’m constantly torn between eating healthy and eating good tasting food. Salads are an easy way to incorporate nutrients into your diet so why not make them more exciting? Can salads even be exciting? Yes and here’s how!

Be Adventurous

The easiest way to avoid a boring salad is to stray away from always choosing the same thing. Don’t be afraid to try something that you’ve never heard of before or that looks a little odd. You never know what amazing tastes are coming your way.

Make it a Wrap

If you can’t go a day without carbs (like me) try making your salad into a wrap!

Add avocado

Need I say more? Avocado makes everything better.

Pack your salad with protein

Whether it’s chicken, cheese, eggs or tofu, protein always makes a salad taste wonderful while adding sustenance.


With summer fast approaching, fruit can be a great fix in to add to your salads. Apples, strawberries, and oranges add a sweet flavor to summer salads while avoiding processed sugar.


I don’t know about you but nothing turns me away from salads more than the thought of eating limp lettuce drenched in dressing. Add some crunchy fix-ins like croutons, almonds or sunflower seeds to avoid a bland salad.

These are just a few simple ways to avoid eating the same boring salads. Salads may never be your favorite, but now they can be a little more exciting!