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The Different Types of Guys You See Around Campus


If you are feeling bold, the walk to and from class with hundreds of your closest friends and classmates can be a very easy way to spice up what would otherwise be a very mundane school day.  While most people spend their walk talking to their friends (either in person or via text) or surfing the web, if one simply looks up, it becomes easy to realize all the potentially awesome (or awkward) people you can run into on a given day.  Since we are almost always drawn to looking at members of the opposite sex, here are some of the most interesting guys (although these work both ways) you can see around campus, for better or worse.



The Past Hookup Guy

Maybe you two only had one encounter, or perhaps it was more of a drawn out thing.  Regardless, that ship has sailed.  However, ignoring each other won’t change the fact you’ve both seen each other naked.  Unless things ended terribly, would it kill you to say hi?

The ‘Why Isn’t He in My Class?’ Guy

He is the super attractive person you would kill for a chance to meet, but he only seems to exist when you’re running late for a test.  Seeing as how The Daily Beast ranked Santa Clara 2nd most beautiful school, there are quite of few of these around campus.

The I Should Know Your Name By Now Guy

You two have been introduced before, have mutual friends, occasionally see each around on weekends, and he always greets you by your name.  Too bad you can’t for the life of you remember what his name is, and you’ve known each other way too long to ask him now.

The Embarrassment Guy

Somehow, this dude was around for one (or many) of the less than ideal moments of your college career.  Perhaps you confessed your undying love for him in front of all his buddies, or something equally traumatizing.  Anyways, he knows about it, you know he knows about it, and he knows you know he knows about it.  Here’s to hoping he knows better than to bring it up.

The Ashamed Guy

Same situation as above, except this time, he was the idiot.  Try to be nice.

The Friend-Zoned Guy

Despite doing nothing (besides not treating him like dirt) to lead this poor, misguided soul on, you can still tell he has a thing for you and is waiting for you to take the initiative.  Unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen.  But, will he get lunch with you? Duh.

The Crush

You like him.  Make eye contact, smile, and say hi.  Nothing will happen unless you help make something happen.


Remember, you don’t need Instagram for our campus to look and be awesome. The wonderful people of the Bronco community have been around much longer than texts, Facebook, filters, likes, and comments.  Take a look around. Most encounters only last a few seconds, and the awkward ones make for good stories with your friends.


Photo Source: Facebook.com/SantaClaraUniversity

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