Jane Rae Knows Spanish

When a student thinks of a language requirement, they shudder. Not one of the favorite sides of school, learning how to translate and conjugate. 

"I grew up in a spansh speaking household" says Jane Rae. "Some might think that's not fair, but it was something I used to my advantage."

Many people choose Spanish to fulfill their language requirements, they struggle through it but come out knowing at least one word in Spanish. Rae passed the class but without some difficuly.

"I mean, I speak spanish, I know spanish but that doesn't mean I know literally every conjugation." says Rae. "People think I can zoom through the assignments but the truth is that they are sometimes difficult. There are learning aspects to spanish that I never even considered."

Rae's message to students who think spanish speakers don't have difficulty in spanish classes? "It is not always as easy as it seems, yes we do have an less complicated time, especially when translating and speaking it, but when it comes to certain mechanical aspects to spanish we do struggle. Or at least I do!"