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Finding Time For Yourself When You’re Really Busy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SCSU chapter.

We’ve reached mid-semester, Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks and then we’ll come back on campus to wrap up our classes and say farewell. Although it seems like a crazy thought, it’s true. We live in a world where running from one task to the next is totally normal, we don’t stroll, we speed walk. So remember to take some time for yourself, for your wellbeing.

1. Walk slower when time, and weather allows it

Don’t look down at your phone, look up, be safe, smell the crisp fall air.

2. Read!

There is nothing like a book, it’s like a movie in your head. You can mentally transport to a different world anywhere, at any time!

3. Meditate

Trying to center yourself, bring your thoughts together and send them away for a moment of silence, and clarity is important.

4. Physically treat yourself

Put on a facemask, take a bubble bath, light a candle.

5. Spend time with the people you love

When we have so many things to do we can easily forget that interaction with people who feed our sould, and mind is important. 


SCSU Campus Correspondant. Communication major, journalism minor.