What Does Your Finals-Taking Outfit Say About YOU?

Yes, finals suck, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to! Finals week is usually a time where you either look your worst, look your best or kinda just look the same way you do every other day. But what you don’t realize is that your finals-taking outfit says a lot about you to a collegiate’s keen eye. Here are 5 general “looks” that are seen during finals week. Check them out and see if a description matches you!

1. The “comfy yet cute” look

You tend to put comfort as a top priority when dressing yourself during finals week, so anything that isn’t leggings and a sweatshirt won’t quite cut it during those 5 days from hell. You may not have gotten your full 8 hours of sleep, and only be surviving on Starbucks or 5 hour energies, but you sure fooled everyone around you.

2. The “maybe a little too comfy” look

It’s safe to say that you don’t really give a f*&k this week. All-nighters and no showers make for a very lazy outfit; you’ll probably be seen in PJs and slide ons with ~cringe~ socks. And the best part is, who cares? Nobody can judge you this week, because 75% of the people around you are a reflection of yourself. So really, go you! *high fives stranger in oversized stained sweats* 3. The “dress well, test well” look

Not only are you slaying your exams, but you’re also slaying everyone around you. You’ve worked hard enough this semester, and you feel prepared for finals week, so why not glam it up a little? Your distressed jeans and knit sweaters will make everyone around you wish they had their lives as together as yours. But what matters is that you look good, feel good and do good (uh, well)!

4. The “final at 11, ball at 12” look

You’re as ready as ever and hype as hell. Finals week won’t bring you down, and definitely won’t mess up your workout regime. Your tracksuit and sneakers fool you into thinking that you’re active and energized, even when you might be ready to go into a winter break-long hibernation. One thing getting you through that final is knowing you can de-stress at the gym after, and hey look! You don’t even have to change!

5. The “final or fashion show?” look

For you, finals are easy and breezy, and you’re beautiful. You’re actually ahead of the game this semester, so while you may get a bunch of eye rolls for being overdressed compared to the general (miserable and sleep-deprived) public, you don’t really care. While they’re all struggling for the last 10-minutes, you get to walk out early because you owned that final. And all they’ll hear is the clicking of your heels and dangling of your bracelets as your hand in your test and they try to concentrate.


Regardless of what you look like during finals week, you’re still a goddess. And we at HerCampus Scranton, from the bottom of our hearts, wish you the best of luck during exams, even if you think they’re going to be the death of you.