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Self-Care While Studying

Studying is a necessary evil- that being said it could be hard to concentrate on your material, while taking care of yourself at the same time. Late nights at the library, unhealthy food choices, and test anxiety are a part of the college experience unfortunately. However, these poor habits can be improved by incorporating the following tips into your study routine. 

Do a face mask

An amazing thing to do take care of yourself when you’re writing or typing notes is to apply a facemask. Wash your face, apply the mask, and wait ten to fifteen minutes for the results. This gives you plenty of time to multitask self-care and your test material.

Take a 10 minute, well deserved break every 30 minutes

Put your phone away for 30 minutes as you take notes for your test and don’t pick it up until your study break. This gives you more of an incentive to work hard for your relaxation time, without burning yourself out in the process.


Exercise or stretch in between note taking

Everyone knows that if you’re sitting and writing notes for hours on end, you’re not doing your body any favors. I’ve incorporated doing a couple of exercises such as squats, push-ups, or planks in between studying, to keep my body as well as my mind active. If you’re in a public space where you can’t pull out a gym routine, then I would suggest standing up and stretching out of your seat every so often to get your blood flowing and your muscles working. Your body will thank you. 

Eat healthy snacks

If there is one thing that my nutrition class has taught me this semester is that I overeat way too many excess calories, fat, and added sugars when I am stressed out. When you’re feeling stressed out, you’re more or less going to justify your bad eating habits with excuses based upon that stress to eat unhealthily. 

However, it’s really not fair to your body to do it this injustice. The next time you look for a bag of flaming hot Cheetos, resist and grab an apple instead. It will provide you with more nutrients and energy than the fattening, salty alternative. 


These tips have helped me, so hopefully they can help you! Good luck with your semester, sisters. 

Nicole Floratos

Scranton '22

Hi! My name is Nicole and I'm a University of Scranton Sophomore :). I'm currently a Criminal Justice and English double major. My hobbies include writing, reading, watching shows such as "Jane the Virgin" and "Shameless" on Netflix, and hanging out with my friends. I'm super laid back and very excited for you (my gorgeous reader), to become a part of my world through my story telling. Now sit down, relax, and enjoy.
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