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A Poem About The Power of Fashion

Girl in the Red Leather Jacket

oh with so much swagger she walks

she pairs it with a dusty rose lipstick so she can talk the talk

her jacket prepares her for life day by day

it whispers that she is unstoppable

it whispers that no one can get in her way. 


Girl in the Red Leather Jacket

oh how she intimidates

she takes large strides in boots a size eight

she stares down her enemies with devious eyes

against the locker she leans while flirting with guys. 


Girl in the Red Leather Jacket

oh so confident

never lost in a crowd

when she speaks she stands tall

she projects her voice loud. 


Girl in the Red Leather Jacket

oh, so wild, young, and free

she blows a kiss to the boy who lives across the street

she’s sweet like honey but can sting like a bee

at war, this red coat never retreats. 


Girl in the Red Leather Jacket

oh so charming, and a bit cocky too

she stops at nothing, there is not anything, she cannot pursue 

her dreams

her goals

her hopes and more

as long as she grabs her red leather jacket before she steps out the door. 

Mackenzie Mickavicz is a senior at The University of Scranton who majors in strategic communications with a public relations track and concentrations in women's and gender studies. This is her second year as CC of Her Campus Scranton. She loves coffee, candy and cupcakes.
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