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From the Outback to Scranton Politics, Meet Hugh Doyle

Meet Hugh, a Scranton local that can handle it all. He remains a great friend, a traveler, and tackling the political world. When he isn’t stuck at airports (with illegal avocados) he’s enjoying nature or in the office interning with our local Congressman, Matt Cartwright.

Name: Hugh DoyleMajor: Criminal Justice and Political ScienceYear: JuniorHometown: Greenfield Township, PA

HC: What activities are you involved in here on campus?HD: I was elected commuter representative of Student Government while I was in Australia last semester. I am also a member of the criminal justice club.

HC: How was your experience abroad?HD: My experience in Australia was absolutely life changing. I can’t believe it happened and that it is over already. I could honestly say that I advocate studying abroad to everyone. It formed lifelong friendships.

HC: What was your most memorable experience while abroad?HD: Ok, well I studied abroad for almost 5 months so there are countless things that stick in my head. From camping in the outback to bungee jumping in New Zealand, but the one thing that really sticks in my head is with my best friend. He was detained by federal agents in the Auckland, New Zealand airport for being accused of attempting to smuggle in an avocado into the country. 

HC: After coming back from all that excitement abroad what are your plans now that you are back?HD: Now that I am home I am interning at Congressmen Matt Cartwright’s Office, US Federal 17th District Pennsylvania, right here in Scranton, as well as getting back into my favorite hobbies.

HC: What are some of your daily responsibilities?HD: Well, on a day to day basis it depends on how the constituents are feeling. Most of my job revolves around constituent services. Some are quieter than others, just this week I have been involved in developing new job and internship applications for the office as well as ensuring that the constituent’s voices are heard by the Congressman.

HC: Are politics something you eventually want to get into?HD: I would honestly like to blend both of my degrees and work in federal law enforcement and ideally the secret service.

HC: Why the secret service?HD: I want to be in the secret service because quite frankly I am not very good at staying in one place for very long. This is my first semester of my junior year, my third university, my second country. I also get to blend in my love for political systems and criminal justice.

HC: Ok, one final question, what advice would you give an incoming freshmen that is similar to you?HD: Definitely push yourself outside your comfort zone. My definition of that is getting on a plane and flying 12k  away from my home town. Then coming back to share my experiences and do something you are passionate about, in my case interning with Congressman Cartwright.

Dominique is your everyday Northeastern Pennsylvanian, and will probably have a different hair style every time you see her. She loves being outdoors, and finding an adventure in everything. She currently studies as a Senior History, Political Science, and International Studies triple major with a concentration in Italian at the University of Scranton. Dominique also studied abroad in Rome, Italy, not only falling in love with everything Italian, all the pizza, but with travel itself. Weird facts: Her favorite word is melanzane (eggplant), she writes most of her notes backwards (right to left too) and has a 130lb white German Shepherd named Kitty (he’s a boy). Follow her on Twitter @domnommnomm!
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