New Semester, New Me

As the first couple weeks of school begins to wind down, the back to school posts fade away, and reality for students begins to set in. The site of the new stickers on your laptop and the decorations in your room makes you happy for a second, until you realize you could have put all of that money towards your extremely expensive textbooks or maybe your tuition, but at least it looks cool, right? This does not sound like a big problem at all, but I want that to be my biggest problem this year, my sophomore year.

As a freshman, I was constantly stressed out about schoolwork and not sure how to cope with my stress. I have come to realize, my procrastination- of nearly everything- was what caused my stress, but whose fault was that but my own? When I first began college, I was also surrounded by a group of people that I did not click with, and I had an even tougher time adjusting as I faded away from the first friends I made at school. During the second semester of my freshman year, as I began to accept that I need a more supportive group of friends to surround myself with, I removed negative people from my life, and made more of an effort to get closer to my rugby team (now rugby family) and to put myself out there with other people I knew from around campus. Towards my mid-second semester, I found a group of friends who are driven, caring, hardworking, and fun girls. I went into summer wanting to come back to school after a day; my world took a turn, and I grasped a much better mindset.

This past summer, as I prepared for my sophomore year, I made a vow to myself to refrain from any negativity, and keep a happy, healthy mind. If I have any opinion to voice, I will do so in a respectful way, and make sure the friendships and relationships I make from now on are built on honesty and trust. Also, I will surround myself solely with people who want to succeed with me and will push me to be my best in school and let me push them to be their best. After all, I will no longer procrastinate, and I will work toward completing my assignments as they are given out, rather than waiting until the day of/night before the due date.


Despite the numerous bumps in the road that life throws at you, I know I can get through anything, and so can you!