Men Ain't Sh!t

I started out the summer getting dumped by someone who fell out of love with me (yikes - yeah it sucked but I bounced back boo!!).  When I mean the start of summer I got dumped, I literally mean the end of move-out day in May ☺. My family saw me change into a cold and quiet, emotional person, which was a complete 180, from my regular, always laughing, goof-ball self (hehehe).  

I spoke to my brother (who had been chronically single) and he told me that he had joined a dating app, because he saw too many of his friends get married and felt he wasn’t going to find anybody with the hours he works.  He joined bumble, and told me that I should get out there too.  I laughed thinking about me taking selfies of myself and uploading them onto a profile for men to objectively look at and send disgusting remarks.  Then I saw that there was an app for people who want a commitment, so I joined Hinge (assuming there would be less fu*!boys).  After a couple of weeks, I felt so much more confident in myself, because I was getting gassed up every day by hot guys in my area, that I allowed myself to come to the conclusion that maybe I could start talking to someone again.  After about 1 month of being on Hinge I began talking to one guy in my area and I allowed him to take me out on a date.  I was feeling him and I already knew he was feeling me (obvi…) so things were going really well.  I went on two dates with him, and was getting ready for a third when my best friend hit me up asking to go to the bar one night.  I of course turned the guy down and went out with the bestie.  I texted him saying I’m going out so I won’t really be able to talk (plus I hate clingy people and he was getting a little cling).  I get a text saying, “I hope you find someone better there at the bar,” LIKE HOLD ON….Who are you???  At that moment I ghosted him and realized that immaturity that most men have and put on women was not about to happen to me all over again.  I just got out of that sh!t!!  So yeah, I went out that night was with another guy because F*!K that Sh!t!!  

Moral of the story:  

1. Do not feel pressured to talk to people right after you ended a multiple year relationship.

2. Ghost any man that is immature – we do not want that energy, we want a grown a** mature man that is stable enough to handle your shit, not just put his shit on you when you tell him your feelings. 

3. Any weak a** man that is reading this, grow up and realize you cannot date someone or be interested in someone before yourself.  Fix your broken a**, then talk to people.  


Okay Bye.